Akhtaboot signs a cooperation agreement with EconoWin to introduce Gender Sensitive HR practices

Akhtaboot – a ZenHR Solutions Company – has signed a cooperation agreement with EconoWin Program / GIZ to implement a one-year gender diversity management project to empower Akhtaboot’s efforts in maintaining a diverse and inclusive workplace that encourages more women to reach their full potential and advance their careers within Akhtaboot, as well as introduce more gender sensitive HR solutions targeting HR managers and companies.

Diversity and inclusion have always been a top priority for Akhtaboot’s HR department over the past years, as it is all about creating a work environment that accepts employees’ differences and welcomes candidates and minorities regardless of age, gender, race, religion, and disabilities.

Ashraf Mraybeh, Akhtaboot’s Country Manager said: “At Akhtaboot, we believe that having a balanced gender ratio has proven to be a productivity booster for our business. Teams that consist of a healthy ratio of males and females perform better, innovate more, and have decreased turnover rates. In addition to that, we understand that offering flexibility schemes is essential to building a female-friendly environment and it is considered to be the most important factor that affects women’s job satisfaction today.”

Nour Moghrabi, EconoWin National Project Manager stated: “We are seeing an increased interest in applying GDM in large companies in the region, which indicates progressive management attitudes. Additionally, in a country like Jordan where women’s economic participation is as low as 13%, private sector companies play a significant role in better economic integration of women and fulfillment of sustainable development goals through applied GDM practices.”

The GIZ programme “EconoWin” is commissioned by the Federal German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and cooperates with over 20 companies from Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia to boost the topic of female employment and promotion of female talents in the labor market.

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