Why You Should Always Conduct Exit Interviews?

An exit interview is a smart way that can help you gain deep insight and honest feedback from employees who will be leaving your company. Exit interviews are usually conducted by the HR department through in-person meetings, phone calls, or surveys. While current employees might hesitate to provide you with their honest opinions about the... Continue Reading →

How to Become an Employer of Choice

Being an “Employer of Choice” means that you have managed to build an outstanding working environment, where the top talent in your company’s industry strive to work at, even when other employers are trying to attract them too. This can put your company in a powerful position in the job market and will help you... Continue Reading →

4 Simple Employee Wellness Perks to Implement in 2018

Long gone are the days when “employee wellness” solely meant gym membership discounts and smoke cessation sessions. Companies are now putting effort into combining traditional corporate wellbeing efforts with career development opportunities and the results speak volumes. If you want to become an employer of choice for your new and existing employees, here are some... Continue Reading →

ZenHR Solutions Partners with Oasis500 to Power the HR Processes of its Startups

ZenHR Solutions (www.zenhrsolutions.com), the revolutionary human resources solutions group, announces a partnership with Oasis500, the leading seed investment company and business accelerator in the Jordanian tech and creative industry. The partnership provides Oasis500 startups the opportunity to implement a variety of cloud-based HR and Recruitment products including, ZenHR HRMS, Akhtaboot recruitment services, and Career Connect... Continue Reading →

Tips for Pre-Boarding Your New Hires

Most companies opt for conventional ways in welcoming their new employees, but there is always space for improvement. In fact, onboarding of new hires starts before their first work day, and it is much more than making an announcement and following HR checklists. The welcoming process that you follow could significantly affect turnover and enhance... Continue Reading →

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