Akhtaboot (a ZenHR Solutions Company) signs a cooperation agreement with EconoWin to introduce Gender Sensitive HR practices

Akhtaboot - a ZenHR Solutions Company - has signed a cooperation agreement with EconoWin Program / GIZ to implement a one-year gender diversity management project to empower Akhtaboot’s efforts in maintaining a diverse and inclusive workplace that encourages more women to reach their full potential and advance their careers within Akhtaboot, as well as introduce... Continue Reading →

How To Fix a Toxic Work Environment

A healthy work environment is crucially important to the wellness and success of a company. When employees are happy with the environment, their well-being and productivity will most definitely increase. Promoting a safe and healthy culture, can increase  employee morale which can positively impact your business. When your workers are happy, they will be motivated... Continue Reading →

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