Four Tips for a Successful Off-boarding Process

While a lot has been written about the importance of proper employee on-boarding procedures, unfortunately, in many HR departments, employee off-boarding is often considered less important in terms of priorities. Employee off-boarding is as critical as employee on-boarding, and when handled properly it can prevent legal liabilities and negative publicity, helps protect against information theft... Continue Reading →

Delivering Value to your Personnel with an HRMS

A Human Resources Management System "HRMS" like ZenHR is critical for any organization that is looking to get rid of traditional, manual and time consuming HR tasks and opt for could-based HR automation. An HRMS will help you create a speedy on-boarding and off-boarding processes, track employee leaves and vacation balances and calculate salaries in... Continue Reading →

Tips for a Smooth Termination Process

  Informing an employee that he or she has to leave the company is definitely a hard task. But business is business, and sometimes such decisions must be taken for the company’s greater good. Having a “bad apple” in your team can definitely affect your team’s productivity and work environment. Here are some tips that... Continue Reading →

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