Case Study: How ZenHR’s HRMS helped Xceede Solutions overcome their HR challenges

Company Studied: Xceede Solutions Industry: Consulting Location: United States and India Number of Employees: 10 - 26 Xceede Solutions is a Boutique Management Consulting organization with a passion for Technology. A high-touch, trusted adviser, and partner that combines business strategy, industry best practices, and technology to empower the growth of companies. Xceede Solutions uses innovative... Continue Reading →

Tips to Plan your Shift Roster Successfully

ZenHR’s Roster Shifts feature provides an easy way to schedule and view the calendar of your shift-based employees. Based on the number of working hours and job duties of each of your roster employees, the type of roster scheduling software that you use has become an essential and productive business tool that helps keep operations... Continue Reading →

How to Terminate an Employee the Right Way

Employee termination might be one of the hardest challenges that you may face as an HR. No matter how many times you have spoken to that employee about their performance problems, it will always be hard for them to believe that they deserve to be fired. If there’s no hope for progress, terminating an employee... Continue Reading →

Challenges Facing HR Departments

Do you have a mountain of paperwork piling up on your desk? Do you experience recurring headaches at work? Many HR departments are dealing with various recruitment challenges such as employee retention, fostering diversity and training employees. Developing a workforce is never an easy task, it demands hard work and dedication. As a result, HR... Continue Reading →

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