HR Trends

Top 5 HR Trends in Saudi Arabia

Industries around the world have witnessed significant transformations in the last few years. With the integration of new software and the adoption of new policies, these developments are enhancing various HR processes within organizations, especially in KSA, going hand in hand with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 blueprint. We’ve put together a list of some of the top HR trends in Saudi Arabia.

10 HR Memes Your HR Department Will Understand

We at ZenHR have a major appreciation for HR professionals and all that they do. With all those tasks and responsibilities comes some great humor, so we’ve put together some of our favorite HR memes to give you a good laugh and lighten up your day! 

How HR Roles Are Changing in Contemporary Times

The corporate world we see today is more like a reinvented version of itself. In the last few years, some paradigm changes have redefined corporate practices in an unprecedented way. For instance, the corporate world is going increasingly remote or virtual. Who would have believed the possibility of it 10 years ago?