Case Study: How HR180 streamlined their HR processes with ZenHR’s HR Software

Company Studied: HR180 Industry: HR Advisory Solutions Number of Employees: 26 - 100 HR180 is a human resources research and consulting firm that helps organizations build strength in human capital by retaining and developing employees. From pure data to full developed employee engagement, HR180 provides the retention solutions to help businesses achieve and exceed their organizational... Continue Reading →

Infographic: Employee Wellness Program

What is an Employee Wellness Program? An employee wellness program is a series of benefits and policies implemented by an employer aiming at improving the physical and emotional health of employees, which can boost their morale and engagement, and consequently, will have a positive impact on the success of the company. Let’s discuss the main... Continue Reading →

Boss Vs. Leader: 10 Huge Differences

Employees don’t want a boss whose only job is to control and manage them, they need a leader who motivates, inspires, and encourages them to be more productive and happy at their jobs. If you’re not sure what are the differences between being a boss and being a leader, the following infographic highlights 10 key... Continue Reading →

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