Performance Review Tips

Do you have a performance review coming up? Performance reviews can play a huge role in any employee/manager relationship. A performance evaluation can be a great opportunity for the employee and manager to discuss and share their thoughts on the employee's job performance, organizations priorities, or any obvious setbacks in performance.  This long established process... Continue Reading →

How to Beat the Talent Shortage

One of the biggest challenges facing HR departments today is the talent shortage. This is where we need to ask ourselves, are we really doing all it takes to ensure superior company performance? Bringing the right people on board is never easy, especially when they're hard to find. All the efforts that you can make to... Continue Reading →

Tips to Fix a Broken Recruitment Process

Are you wondering how a recruiting process can be broken? A broken recruitment process is one where candidates are discouraged from applying to your organization. Are you not sure why candidates are declining your job offers? Believe it or not, the issue might not be in the offer, but in the recruitment process itself. If... Continue Reading →

Important HR Skills and How to Master Them

Are you kick starting your career in HR? Your responsibilities will range from hiring, onboarding, and tending to the employees' concerns. In order to work to the best of your abilities, there are a few HR Skills you must learn to master. The following practical skills will most definitely improve your job performance work productivity... Continue Reading →

Factors Contributing to Employee Burnout

Does your company suffer from employee burnout? Did you know that almost 95% of organizations admit that employee burnouts occur because employees feel mentally, physically and emotionally drained? Employee burnouts can threaten organizations as employees will feel like they can't collect the right enthusiasm to work efficiently. Several factors can contribute to employee burnout, and... Continue Reading →

How to Avoid a Bad Hire

Have you ever made the mistake of hiring someone who's not right for the organization? The cost of a bad hire can be quite astronomical; there's the cost of the onboarding process, the recruitment process, and employee training.  Making a bad hire can not only impact your revenue but it will also impact your clients... Continue Reading →

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