10 Priorities of HR Professionals for 2023

10 Priorities of HR Professionals for 2023

As HR professionals begin taking on 2023, they should focus on some key themes, such as diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI); preparing for HR digitization; closing skills gaps, emphasizing employee well-ness and development, and more.  We’ve put together a list of the top things organizations and HR leaders should prioritize in their strategies this year. 

What Should HR Professionals Focus On in 2023?

1. Remote work and virtual HR: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, companies have had to adjust their operations to include remote work and virtual HR processes, such as virtual onboarding and remote employee engagement.

2. Employee well-being: Companies are placing more emphasis on the well-being of their employees, including mental and physical health, work-life balance, and financial well-being.

  • Over 64% of companies listed employee mental health as one of their top five HR priorities.

3. AI and automation: Many HR professionals are turning to AI and utilizing automation to streamline HR processes and improve efficiency.

4. Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI): Companies are making a greater effort to promote DEI in the workplace, including increasing representation and addressing discrimination and bias.

5. Employee engagement: Focusing on ways to increase employee engagement and retention, including creating a positive company culture, providing opportunities for professional development, and fostering a sense of community among employees.

  • 85% of employees report not being engaged at work. Engaged employees are more than 3X as likely to stay with their organization.

6. Talent acquisition and retention: HR are working even harder on finding and retaining top talent, including developing targeted recruitment strategies and investing in employee retention programs.

7. Employee development: Companies are investing in employee development and training programs to improve skills, increase productivity and retain employees.

  • 87% of millennials and Gen Z say professional growth and career development are very important.

8. Compliance and regulation: It’s become essential to pay even more attention to compliance with local and international laws, regulations, and standards to ensure their HR practices align with legal requirements.

9. Employee data privacy and security: A greater emphasis on protecting employee data and maintaining data privacy and security to ensure compliance with regulations and to protect employee information.

10. Employee experience: Companies are prioritizing improving the overall employee experience, including creating a positive work environment, improving communication and collaboration, and providing opportunities for personal and professional growth. 

  • A Gartner survey of HR leaders found that 47% cite employee experience as a top priority for 2023.

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