10 Simple Ways to Boost Motivation in the Workplace

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Consistently keeping your team and employees motivated can definitely be a challenge. Everyone faces dips in motivation, but it can become a problem if it leads to disengagement. That’s why we gathered some of the most effective ways to help keep you and your team motivated day in and out. Here are 10 simple ways to boost motivation in the workplace:

1.Set Small, Measurable Goals

Setting clear, achievable goals ensures a real boost in motivation at the workplace. Turning each step into a small goal allows your team to see what they need to accomplish to the very end. Seeing visible progress makes everyone feel really good and is also a clear indicator their work is making a difference.

2.Recognize Great Work

One of the most important factors that contribute to employee motivation is recognition. 70% of employees say that increased recognition from managers would massively improve motivation and morale. Around 84% of employees also say that praise should be given on a year-round basis. Employee recognition doesn’t have to be a financial reward, but meaningful and frequently given to recognize their hard work. 

3.Encourage Regular Breaks

Regular breaks are crucial to staying motivated and are opportunities to relax and refuel. Taking a break every hour allows your team members to de-stress and unwind, and not only does it keep them physically healthy but also helps keep their creativity constantly firing. Tell your employees to get up, stretch their legs, rest their eyes, and return to work with a refreshed mind and body.

4.Prioritize Health

Make sure that the policies you’re instituting aren’t keeping people from taking the time they need to stay healthy. Encouraging your team to stay home if they’re feeling under the weather, offering medical benefits, and prioritizing employee wellness can go a long way with your employees. Promoting and prioritizing a healthy lifestyle will make your team feel taken care of.

5.Stay Positive

It’s important to create positive experiences and interactions with your team in order to foster a positive workplace. Positive reinforcements don’t just motivate your employees but make them happier; happiness and positivity play a major role in your company’s success. Happy employees can raise business productivity by 31% and sales by 37%.

6.Be Transparent

A team that trusts you will be more motivated and engaged with their work. Transparency is one of the best ways to foster an atmosphere of trust among you and your team. It’s important and beneficial to effectively communicate with your employees so they have all the information they need to perform their jobs effectively.

7.Promote Teamwork

Encouraging teamwork means structuring the work environment in a way that fosters interaction among employees and leads to positive results and achieving goals. Colleagues having each other’s backs and cheering each other on is essential, especially when motivation begins to dip.

8.Loosen the Reins

Autonomy is a very effective motivator. By providing employees with freedom when it comes to the time and manner of accomplishing certain tasks, these employees actually become more efficient and more motivated. 73% of employees said that flexibility increased their satisfaction at work and 78%  said it made them more productive. This allows employees to feel they are in control, strive for mastery, and work for a purpose.

9.Celebrate Results

It is crucial to let everyone know exactly how each of their contributions played a part in moving the organization forward. Telling someone ‘good job’ is a good start, but don’t stop there. Applaud their success and praise your employees on the specific goals or tasks they have accomplished, inherently motivating them for their next mission.

10.Have Fun

Not all workdays will be breezy, but they shouldn’t feel like a drag either. Whether it’s a gaming area or going out for lunch, allow your team to have a little fun in the middle of their daily work routines. Find little bits of joy in everyday activities, and focus on what makes working in your organization great. You’ll be amazed at how motivating a little bit of fun can be.

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