Empowering Employees to Work from Home during COVID-19 Outbreak


During these difficult times and the fact that the whole world is being affected by the new COVID-19 virus, almost all of us are facing changes in our day-to-day lives and especially in our work. Due to the current global situation, most companies in the World are trying to shift to a remote working policy. Although this doesn’t apply to all sectors, it can save many businesses. So, if your business or a part of it can be handled remotely, that’s great! ZenHR will provide you now with some tips that will help you and your teams work effectively from your homes.

  • Setting early and clear expectations

Guiding your employees is key in this situation, no one is familiar with the current circumstances, so asking your employees to start working remotely without any instructions and guidance will make not work. Make sure to set clear expectations in terms of the tasks required of each employee, the quality standards, and the deadlines according to the current situation in your country.

  • Make sure all employees have the needed tools

First of all, you should make sure that employees in your company have all the needed tools to accommodate the unique circumstances of working remotely. Each employee should have a laptop, internet connection, phone, and access to all needed documents and files.

  • Commit to regular virtual meetings and conference calls

Communication and collaboration between employees are very essential during this period. Utilize the available tools that allow your employees to communicate and engage with each other easily, such as Slack and Zoom. Regular meetings and daily announcements are highly recommended during this period to keep the spirit of teamwork alive at your company.

  • Educate your employees about the best practices for working from home

It’s your role as a leader or as an HR person to help your teams perform effectively during these difficult times. We suggest providing employees regularly with tips and advice to help them perform effectively, especially if it’s the first time for your employees to experience this style of work. Let’s give you some advice that you can deliver to your employees:

– Create a quiet and comfortable work-space at home.

– Structure your working hours as you would in the office.

– Turn off your telephone when you need to work without distractions.

– Ask the HR team to provide you with any necessary tools to do your job effectively.

– Have a regular lunch hour and take it away from your work-space.

– Avoid feeling isolated by using the available communication tools to engage with your colleagues.

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