Common Payroll Problems & How to Resolve them

No matter how large your company is, managing payroll is considered to be one of the most hectic tasks for the HR department. Disorganized payroll processes may cause serious problems within your company, including legal issues, dissatisfied employees, and costly tax and social security mistakes. ZenHR highlights the most common payroll problems that you should keep a sharp lookout for.

  • Inaccuracy of Information

One of the most common payroll problems is human errors. Manual calculations of salaries, deductions, taxes, and social security using spreadsheets that are filled with numbers can be a source of mistakes. The optimal way to solve this kind of problems is using an HRMS like ZenHR that automates the whole payroll process.

  • Backup Problems

Another problem related to managing payroll is maintaining clear documents and records for all employees in your company. Failing to keep such accurate and up-to-date records can lead to critical consequences such as legal penalties and loss of data. Using ZenHR, the system will automatically save all of your data on the cloud.

  • Failing to Keep up with Regulatory Changes

Tax and social security laws and regulations in your country do change over time. In addition, if your business operates in multiple countries, those laws vary from one country to another. Staying up-to-date with those changes might be challenging but with ZenHR’s payroll features you can enjoy localization for both taxes and social security at a click of a button

  • Tracking Employees’ Attendance and Absence

Maintaining time and attendance records for payroll matters might be one of the most crucial and time-consuming tasks of the HR department. The manual or paper-based ways of managing time and attendance are often inaccurate and filled with errors. ZenHR’s time-keeping solution adds the functionality that you need to automate this mundane task. You can now get precise, real-time attendance reports in less time and with more accuracy.

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