Four Types of Employees You Should Have on Your Team

Managing a workforce can always be quite challenging. An effective team will always have its mix of personalities, strengths and talent. Regardless of the composition of your team, it’s always preferable to look for certain characteristics. Rotating personalities can optimize your team’s performance and leverage their ability to do wonders for your organization.

The Problem Solver

Every workforce has its fair share of problems. Problem solvers will always come to the rescue when equipment breaks down, assignments go wrong, or when misunderstandings blow up between team members. When things go awry, you know your go-to person will be the problem solver of your team.  Employees with this pragmatic personality can blossom into successful leaders as they ultimately aim to resolve any issue in the workplace. Problem solvers can help motivate their teammates to perform the necessary tasks and they facilitate seamless communication between employees.

The Analyst

We all know that one employee in the office who thinks, speaks, and sees everything in numbers. Analytical thinkers are usually the reserved ones who’s sharp intellect allows them to get to the bottom of things.  The ability to work your mind around raw data and mine it into useful information can be a very valuable skill. Analytical thinkers can contribute a lot to your team. They might not be able to come up with the greatest ideas, but they can definitely tell you whether an idea is feasible or not by simply using their analytical skills to evaluate it.

The Positive One

Every workplace needs a boost in morale. Positive employees know that their hard work is good for the soul. Their enthusiasm and cheerful mentality can serve as a great morale engine. Upbeat employees work well with almost everyone. Emotionally intelligent and positive employees know how to keep themselves motivated as they try to see the good in every situation.

The Strong Leader

Strong leaders are goal-driven, task oriented, and assertive by nature. Having an employee who exhibits the qualities of a strong leader can be a valuable asset to your team. Since leaders tend to be pragmatic and idealistic, they can easily thrive in a well-structured work environment. Having employees who tend to be strong leaders can help motivate and guide other employees who need help getting back on track.

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Written By: Fatima Rassool

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