Why You Need to Invest in Employee Training

A company’s most valuable asset is its employees and training them is never easy; as it can be both expensive and time consuming. In one way or another, every employee can contribute to the well being of an organization. Investing in employee training can shape your employees to become  exemplary assets to your organization.

Increased Employee Loyalty

Great outcomes come with great growth opportunities. When you invest in your employees’ training and development not only will they feel valued by the organization, but they will feel appreciated as well. When employees feel like you are contributing to their growth, they will be loyal to you and might even refer skillful candidates to work for your organization. Last but not least, employee training can motivate employees. For instance, when employees improve through training, they  will require less supervision and therefore will feel more trusted around the office.

Decreased Turnover

We all know the heavy cost of employee turnover. Organizations usually do their best to keep their top talent happy and satisfied with their jobs. Usually, employee replacement can actually cost an organization around six to nine months of a departed employees salary; and that’s not a small amount. Employee training can increase your employees career development and give them the opportunity to grow which will make them feel valued. Nonetheless, satisfied employees will remain in your organization and that will lead to employee tenure.

Increased Morale

Trained employees usually feel more confident when they see fruitful results. Their productive outcomes and skillful techniques will increase their work morale as they will feel useful and efficient around the office. All employees want to do a good job. When employees are confident with their work capabilities, they will take pride in their job and their work productivity will increase.

Competitive Advantage

We are all familiar with how competition in the market is growing year after year. Specifically speaking, talent is extremely sought after in almost all organizations. Training your employees will cultivate talent and attract more candidates to your organization than the competitors. When you work on retaining and improving your top talent, you will slowly begin noticing fertile results that will help you create and sustain a competitive advantage.

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Written By: Fatima Rassool

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