Four Types of Employees You Should Have on Your Team

Managing a workforce can always be quite challenging. An effective team will always have its mix of personalities, strengths and talent. Regardless of the composition of your team, it's always preferable to look for certain characteristics. Rotating personalities can optimize your team's performance and leverage their ability to do wonders for your organization. The Problem... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Employee Self Service

Nowadays, it's quite common for employees to gain access to their own personal information and update it accordingly. These mundane tasks would have normally been handled by the administrative staff.  Many companies are now enjoying Employee Self Service because it grants their employees the chance  to control their own information and make the necessary changes... Continue Reading →

Why You Need to Invest in Employee Training

A company's most valuable asset is its employees and training them is never easy; as it can be both expensive and time consuming. In one way or another, every employee can contribute to the well being of an organization. Investing in employee training can shape your employees to become  exemplary assets to your organization. Increased... Continue Reading →

Tips To Help Your Small Business Stand Out

Leading a small business can be more stressful than it may seem. Though small, your business will still demand time, persistency and dedication. Before starting your own business, you must do your research, get legal advice, and study your target market. In order to scale your company for growth, you must follow a few guidelines... Continue Reading →

How Exit Interviews Can Improve Retention Rates

Did you know that exit interviews can actually improve employee satisfaction and staff retention? Exit interviews can shed some light on hostile work environments, employee concerns or departmental conflicts. Exit interviews can actually be quite informative, since the information shared can help organizations in making improvements that will keep their employees happy and satisfied. They... Continue Reading →

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