5 Free AI Courses HR Professionals Should Take

5 Free AI Courses HR Professionals Should Take - ZenHR

“AI” is not just another buzzword; as we all know by now, it’s changing everything around us. And with all these changes, it’s time to get on board or get left behind. It’s time for everyone to start leveraging it, including your HR team. 

AI has become a crucial tool in streamlining HR processes, enhancing decision-making, and improving the overall employee experience. One AI that holds particular promise for HR professionals is Generative AI.

What is Generative AI?

Generative AI, in simple terms, is a subset of artificial intelligence (AI) that focuses on creating new content or data, such as text, images, or other media, often in a way that is creative. It uses advanced algorithms and deep learning techniques to generate content autonomously.  

How can HR benefit from Generative AI?

🧑‍💻Personalized Employee Engagement: Generative AI can assist you in creating tailored content for employees, such as onboarding materials, training modules, or internal communications. This personalization can enhance employee engagement and satisfaction.

📈Data-Driven Decision Making: Generative AI helps HR analyze and visualize data efficiently, enabling better decision-making based on insights generated from large datasets.

🔎Enhanced Candidate Search: AI tools can assist HR in finding suitable job candidates by analyzing CVs and job descriptions, matching skills, and predicting cultural fit.

💻Natural Language Processing: It can improve HR chatbots and virtual assistants, making them more effective in addressing employee queries and concerns by understanding and responding to natural language.

💠Diversity and Inclusion: Generative AI can help HR teams identify and eliminate biases in hiring processes, creating inclusive job descriptions and attracting a more diverse pool of candidates.

5 Free AI Courses for HR

There are several online platforms and universities that offer AI courses tailored for HR professionals. We’ve compiled a list just for you of some of the most popular free courses that you can start today. 

1. Introduction to AI in HR

Platform: myHRfuture
Description: This course is specifically designed for HR professionals and provides a solid foundation of what the rise of new vendors incorporating AI and machine learning means to HR and how to consider building such tools into your digital HR strategy.

2. Generative AI in HR

Platform: LinkedIn Learning
Description: This course teaches you how generative AI catalyzes, transforms, and amplifies HR in talent acquisition and onboarding; leadership and employee development; diversity, equity, and belonging, and overall employee experience.

3. Machine Learning by Stanford University

Platform: Coursera
Description: While not specific to HR, this course provides a deep dive into machine learning, a core component of AI. Understanding machine learning principles is valuable for HR professionals working with AI tools.

4. Natural Language Processing in TensorFlow

Platform: Coursera
Description: This course focuses on natural language processing (NLP), a crucial aspect of AI for HR chatbots, sentiment analysis, and more. 

5. AI For Everyone

Platform: Coursera
Description: This course provides a non-technical introduction to artificial intelligence and its impact on businesses and society. While not HR-specific, it offers a solid foundation in AI concepts.

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