Unleashing the Power of Mudad + ZenHR 

Unleashing the Power of Mudad + ZenHR

If you’re a company in Saudi Arabia experiencing payroll problems or violations or just want to enhance your payroll process, then this one is for you.  

ZenHR’s integration with Mudad, a game-changing Saudi Arabian fintech company, introduces a ton of benefits for businesses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). What are some of those benefits? Let’s take a look and explore the advantages of using ZenHR’s integration with Mudad in KSA.

Benefits of Mudad Integration on ZenHR

By integrating ZenHR’s HRMS with Mudad’s financial services, you can easily streamline your HR processes. 

Seamless Payroll Management

The biggest benefit of integrating ZenHR with Mudad is the seamless payroll management it offers. Maintain accurate employee records and automate various HR processes with ZenHR, making it easier to calculate payroll. By integrating with Mudad’s financial services, businesses can ensure that salaries are disbursed accurately and on time.

Compliance with Saudi Labor Laws

Navigating  Saudi Arabian labor laws and regulations can be a daunting task. This Mudad integration with ZenHR ensures that businesses remain compliant with all labor laws, helping them avoid costly legal disputes and penalties. Accurately calculate employee benefits and end-of-service benefits and automate tax deductions, ensuring that your payroll aligns perfectly with local regulations.

Enhanced Data Security

With sensitive information about employees, their salaries, and personal data, the best security is necessary. ZenHR, along with Mudad, protects your data. Data is encrypted and stored in compliance with the most stringent security standards, helping businesses to protect sensitive HR information.

Reporting and Analytics

ZenHR’s integration with Mudad empowers businesses with a wealth of data that can be analyzed and used to make informed decisions. With comprehensive reporting and analytics tools, businesses in KSA can gain insights into their HR and payroll processes, enabling them to identify areas for improvement and optimize their HR strategies.

Not Yet Integrated? Integrate your ZenHR account with Mudad now…

💵Ensure your payroll is compliant with Saudi Arabia’s Wage Protection System (WPS), according to the Ministry of Labor (MoL).

📈Get real-time reports on the status of your payroll processing.

📂Easily export the WPS file that can be processed on ZenHR. 

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