The Full Guide for Mudad Business in KSA

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The Full Guide for Mudad Business in KSA

The goal of this guide is to provide a detailed explanation of the wage protection system via the Mudad platform, as well as explain how to file a wage protection file through Mudad’s system and understand all the system’s features accurately. Established as part of the National Transformation Program 2020, Mudad Business is a semi-governmental company established to provide an electronic platform specialized in financial technology, with the aim of organizing and facilitating payroll management and improving the quality of payroll management in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The platform provides innovative digital solutions customized for small and medium enterprises with the aim of enhancing effectiveness and efficiency in this field.

What is Mudad platform in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

Mudad platform is an electronic system designed to organize monthly wage management processes and link them directly with banks. “Mudad” serves small and medium enterprises by providing a comprehensive digital solution that simplifies administrative and financial procedures and enables business owners to efficiently document the payment of salaries to their workers.

The Mudad platform displays employee information instantly and accurately from the General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) database, as it is directly linked to it. At the same time, it allows establishments to digitally update their wage protection information with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development within minutes.

The Mudad platform supports several banks:

Mudad packages:

Mudad offers several packages:

  • The first package: is free and includes the ability to create an account and pulls your company and employee data from the social insurance system.
  • The second package: is paid and includes additional features such as uploading the wage protection file, detecting violations, transferring salaries, issuing electronic wallets, and much more

The Main Features of Mudad

The Compliance System:

The compliance system is a government platform that aims to protect wages and document contracts to ensure the preservation of the rights of all contracting parties and provide a safe and transparent work environment. The system provides two main services:

1. Wage protection:

The Wage Protection System, which was launched in 2013 and was developed to keep pace with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, aims to increase establishments’ commitment to raising their employees’ wage files, monitoring compliance levels, and tracking violations.

2. Documentation of contracts:

The system allows establishment owners in the private sector to upload and update employee contract data. This system also enables employees to verify the validity of their contract data and enable them to object to the data included through the Absher system. The goal of this service is to support private sector establishments in documenting employee contracts to protect their rights.

Some of the advantages of the compliance system include reducing wage-related disputes between company owners and employees, enhancing transparency, and ensuring everyone’s rights are protected in the work environment. It also facilitates the creation and documentation of employment contracts and facility compliance.

Mudad Payroll Management System

The payroll management system for automating payroll processes helps small and medium enterprises adhere to the wage protection system by managing monthly payroll processes and sending them to banks from within the system via a special link. Updated employee information can also be displayed smoothly by integrating with the General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI). Wage protection data is also updated through the integration with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

Among the services of the Mudad platform for salary management are the following:

  • The ability to manage company data through linking with the social insurance system.
  • The ability to manage all employee data directly through integrating with the General Organization for Social Insurance system.
  • Maintaining and managing employee salaries, taking deductions and social insurance into account, in addition to allowances and bonuses.

Fees incurred for opening your account on the Mudad platform:

Opening an account on the Mudad platform is free and does not incur any fees. You can request a trial by choosing the basic package. The premium package is paid and includes the rest of the features of the Mudad platform.

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