12 OKR Examples for HR Teams

 12 OKR Examples for HR Teams

Understanding HR OKRs

What are OKRs? They are a goal-setting framework that helps employees and teams set objectives and define key results. These objectives and their results monitor and track progress over time. 

Objectives are qualitative statements that state what an employee will be aiming to achieve.

Key Results, on the other hand, are specific and measurable indicators of progress and success. The combination of objectives and key results provides a roadmap for employees, including HR professionals, to focus their efforts and measure their impact. 

HR OKR Examples

General HR OKRs:

Objective: Significantly improve employee retention

  • Key result 1: Reduce attrition rate to <3%
  • Key result 2: Improve employee satisfaction score to 9 or above
  • Key result 3: 99% of employees complete an Engagement survey to determine methods to improve transparency and alignment

Objective: Enhance employee engagement

  • Key Result 1: Increase employee satisfaction scores by 10% in the annual engagement survey
  • Key Result 2: Implement two new employee recognition programs and achieve a participation rate of 75% within six months

Objective: Strengthen workforce diversity and inclusion

  • Key Result 1: Increase the representation of underrepresented groups in leadership positions by 15% within one year
  • Key Result 2: Conduct diversity and inclusion training sessions for all employees and achieve a satisfaction rate of 90% in post-training surveys

Hiring & Recruitment OKRs:

Objective: Improve time-to-fill for key positions 

  • Key Result 1: Decrease the average time-to-fill for critical roles from 60 days to 45 days within six months
  • Key Result 2: Implement an employee referral program and increase the percentage of hires through referrals from 10% to 20% within one year

Objective: Enhance Candidate Experience

  • Key Result 1: Achieve a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 70 or above in post-interview surveys
  • Key Result 2: Reduce the candidate dropout rate by 20% by streamlining the application process and providing timely feedback

Objective: Improve the onboarding process

  • Key result 1: Conduct 10 interviews to identify issues with the onboarding process
  • Key result 2: Increase pass rate for new employees from 85% to 95%
  • Key result 3: Achieve a 90% satisfaction rate in the onboarding process

Learning & Development OKRs:

Objective: Foster a culture of continuous learning 

  • Key Result 1: Increase the average training hours per employee from 15 to 20 hours per year
  • Key Result 2: Implement a learning management system and achieve a participation rate of 80% within three months

Objective: Develop leadership capabilities

  • Key Result 1: Identify and develop high-potential employees through leadership assessment programs for succession planning
  • Key Result 2: Increase the promotion rate of internal candidates to leadership positions by 15% within one year

Objective: Achieve OKR adoption in all teams

  • Key result 1: 100% of employees scheduled for OKRs training workshops
  • Key result 2: Achieve an 80% approval rating on employee survey on OKR effectiveness
  • Key result 3: Achieve at least a 60% completion rate for the first OKR cycle

Culture OKRs:

Objective: Increase team engagement and motivation

  • Key result 1: Increase the team member engagement score from 75% to 90%
  • Key result 2: Reduce the number of complaints per month from 4 to 1
  • Key result 3: 100% of team members receive feedback this quarter

Objective: Improve employee wellness

  • Key result 1: Interview 15 team members on how to improve work-life balance in the team
  • Key result 2: Review food offerings with a professional, roll out 100% healthy snacks
  • Key result 3: Decrease the sick day leaves per month per employee from 2 to 1
  • Key result 4: Ensure that a minimum of 70% of employees get annual flu vaccine through on-site facilitation

Objective: Hold three company events

  • Key result 1: Achieve >85% attendance at each event
  • Key result 2: Achieve >8.5 NPS of the events
  • Key result 3: Involve at least 1 representative of each department in team building & organizational preparation activities for the event

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