How Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing Human Resource Management

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How Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing Human Resource Management

Since the inception of Artificial Intelligence (AI), it has notably progressed and advanced, working its way into the business world. According to a study by Gartner, 17% of HR departments have begun incorporating AI to support their functions, and 30% of respondents claimed that they plan on adopting AI. The increase in popularity of AI and its application in HR is no surprise, as it allows for accurate, data-driven insights. 

Some HR professionals have clung to the misconception that AI  is meant to replace the human element in HR. While it is undeniable that technology will continue to penetrate even more HR functions, AI’s actual duty is to help HR professionals free their time to focus on core HR duties. In this article, we will highlight some areas of HR in which AI has begun disrupting.

Talent Acquisition

AI in talent acquisition makes for more accessible, efficient, and accurate recruitment decisions. With AI, HR professionals can expect to significantly reduce their time-to-hire and eliminate tasks like manual candidate sourcing and applicant database maintenance. Freeing your recruitment team from these time-consuming tasks will undoubtedly lead to a boost in productivity. Stressing from boosting productivity, HR professionals in charge of recruitment can easily customize their hiring pipelines according to their needs, making the hiring cycle as smooth and seamless as possible.  

ZenHR’s applicant tracking system, ZenATS,  will keep your hiring cycle as innovative and efficient as possible by helping you stay organized even when thousands of applications come in from various sources and across multiple departments. You can also customize your hiring stages, invite unlimited users to jobs, add notes, add customized scored feedback forms, and generate customized proposal templates. You can also create and save customized job templates to be used later on.

Onboarding New Hires 

After completing the recruitment process, the HR team will then start the onboarding process. Many tasks go into the onboarding process, requiring a vast amount of resources and HR bandwidth. With the majority of businesses now operating remotely, onboarding new hires has become a logistical nightmare. But, integrating AI into your onboarding process means that you no longer have to stick to a specific office location or working hours to onboard your new hires. 

An HR Software like ZenHR includes a fully automated onboarding module that helps you welcome your new hires with a comprehensive onboarding pack. This allows your new hires to complete essential documentation and get familiar with the team and the company culture from day one, regardless of their location.

Automation of HR Admin Tasks

Ask HR professionals about the tasks they dread doing. You’ll likely hear them stress about repetitive HR and admin tasks like attendance management, shift scheduling, timesheet management, and preparing reports. Although each function is vital to an organization’s overall success, manually performing these tasks is often time-consuming. 

More often than not, a load of these responsibilities means that HR professionals will have less time to focus on strategic HR initiatives. Here’s where AI comes in handy. Integrating AI into the administration element of HR would ease the burden by enabling HR professionals to shift their focus to critical initiatives like strategic planning at the organizational level.

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