10 HR Memes That Say It All

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10 HR Memes That Say It All | ZenHR

We’ve compiled a few of our favorite HR memes to make you laugh and brighten your day. With all the responsibilities and tasks that HR staff take on also comes some funny moments.

10 HR Memes That All HR Teams Understand

When you send out multiple emails, slack messages, mention it in the company meeting, hang fliers, and an employee says they didn’t know about it.

That one overconfident candidate you have to interview.

How are you juggling your workload?

When your company decides to use an HRMS that isn’t ZenHR. 

Every recruiter knows the feeling.

When you recruit, hire, and onboard an employee effortlessly.

Guess who is putting out fires every day? Your HR team. Yes. Your HR managers are a big asset to the organization. They ensure that every issue that pops up is taken care of.

When a hiring manager goes for a candidate, you know won’t be a good match.

When you send out a mandatory leadership workshop and only 1 person shows up.

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