5 Ways To Celebrate International HR Day

5 Ways To Celebrate International HR Day

International HR Day is a day dedicated to celebrating human resource professionals all around the world and the work they do to keep organizations running smoothly. This year, International HR Day will be on Saturday, May 20th, and there are many ways to celebrate this day. 

Why Is International HR Day important? 

International HR Day is to celebrate and recognize the contributions of HR professionals and raise awareness of the importance of their work. 

HR teams play a crucial role in creating a positive work environment, recruiting and retaining talent, and so much more. Celebrating International HR Day shows appreciation for their hard work and dedication.

These might seem pretty simple, but their effects can be huge. Implementing any of these can help better engage your HR team by the time the next International HR Day arrives. Here are five ideas to get you started. 

1. Recognize HR professionals 

According to a study conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), 90% of HR professionals feel that recognition and appreciation are important to their job satisfaction. 

This International Human Resources Day, make a point of recognizing your HR team and reminding them that they’re the backbone of your company. Consider recognizing outstanding HR professionals in your organization with awards or incentives, such as a bonus or a day off. 

2. Give HR A Day Out

Your company may already have frequent team lunches and team activities. And though your employees may have had a blast, your HR team was probably not able to enjoy it as much as the rest, given that they were the ones who made sure everything went smoothly. 

This International HR Day, mix it up a little bit by planning the day for them instead. Organize a lunch or out-of-office activity for your HR team and give them the chance to unwind and enjoy a day instead of having to worry about their HR duties. 

3. Start Addressing Their Needs

Your HR team understands, better than anyone else, what goes into creating a culture that attracts and retains top talents. With that said, that’s why you need to not only listen but trust your HR team. You can ask for their feedback through meetings or various surveys. The most important step is to actually act on feedback, regardless of the medium you use to collect it. 

4. Support Their Mental Health 

Mental health issues are a struggle all on their own. But imagine the additional mental strain on those who have to spend most of their time looking out for and taking care of others. That’s your team of HR professionals. Make sure they’re feeling supported. You can do that by checking in on them from time to time, encouraging them to take time off, offering mental health care, and more. 

5. Give Them a Gift 

Another way you can celebrate International HR Day, like most holidays, is by simply showing your gratitude through a gift. Whether you gift your HR team a cup of coffee, a day off, a gift card, or a care package, the main point is to go out of your way and do something to make them feel appreciated and seen.

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