What’s New in ZenHR: Odoo, Xero, and SAP Business One Integrations

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What’s New in ZenHR: Odoo, Xero, and SAP Business One Integrations

Odoo is a comprehensive open-source enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. It offers a wide range of business applications, integrating CRM, sales, inventory management, accounting, and other business activities into a single software solution – Learn More

SAP Business One is a business management software, an ERP solution designed to automate essential business functions in financials, operations, and more. SAP Business One allows you to store and transfer employee data, customize journals, and overall enable you to drive profitable growth – Learn More

Xero is a cloud-based accounting software that provides businesses with a range of financial management tools. Xero allows you to automate bookkeeping and invoicing and offers real-time visibility into financial data – Learn More 

Some Benefits of Integrating ZenHR with an ERP & Accounting Software:

Store & Transfer Data

By integrating your ZenHR account with an ERP & accounting software, you can efficiently store, transfer, and update all your employee data. Having all your employee data updated and in a single place makes sending payroll data from ZenHR easier than ever before.

Create Journal Entries

With these native integrations, you can create the journal entries you need seamlessly. Customize and create journal entries on both organization and employee levels, create off-cycle and provision journal entries, send payroll data as journals, and more.

Gain More Control

These financial management tools allow you to gain more control over your business by streamlining key processes. Automate bookkeeping and invoicing, access real-time financial data and information from anywhere, at any time, and can collaborate with bookkeepers, accountants, or financial advisors.

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