Reasons Recruiters Love Using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Reasons Recruiters Love Using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a powerful recruitment tool that every organization needs and HR can’t live without. 75% of recruiters and hiring professionals use a recruiting or applicant tracking system. It allows HR departments to efficiently organize and stay up-to-date with their entire recruitment funnel. With an ATS, HR professionals are able to collect information, organize prospects based on experience and skill set, and filter applicants effortlessly. 

Many of the time-consuming administrative tasks that recruiters perform manually can be optimized and automated by the ATS. Job postings, CV screening, and video interviews are just some of the recruitment steps that can be easily automated to relieve recruiters’ day-to-day tasks and streamline the recruitment process. Here are some more reasons why recruiters love using applicant tracking systems. 

Why Do People Love Using an ATS?

  • 94% of recruiters and hiring professionals say their ATS has positively impacted their hiring process.
  • 86% of HR professionals find using an applicant tracking system has helped them to hire faster.
  • 40% less turnover rate for new hires that are identified by the Applicant Tracking System.
  • 69% of applicants won’t take a job if the company is unresponsive, Applicant Tracking System helps automate communication with potential candidates, which makes the application process smooth and dynamic.

More Reasons Recruiters Use Applicant Tracking Systems:

1. Better Candidate Experience 

Your candidate’s experience is a vital part of the recruitment process. Simply put, it can make or break your recruitment process. An ATS enables a simple, mobile-friendly application process, that allows candidates to apply in minutes. Thanks to CV parsing, applicants don’t need to fill out their CV information every time, making them more inclined to apply. So, delivering a more modern, organized, and engaging recruitment process will definitely attract and delight candidates right from the start. 

2. Saves Time

A good  ATS can automate time-consuming tasks like job posting on multiple job boards or CV submissions. Recruiters won’t need to manually input candidate data ever again. With an ATS, all candidate data is automatically imported and organized, making it easier for them to analyze candidates.

Additionally, thanks to pre-screening features, recruiters won’t have to spend one more minute on completely unqualified applicants. The right ATS will match all applications against job requirements and make it much easier for HR to accept and reject candidates according to their suitability for the position. 

3. Increases Efficiency 

Recruiters can easily manage and track incoming applicants and keep data organized and accessible to all team members with an ATS. Filtering the talent pool and searching for candidates by certain categories, like skills or education, for instance, is super quick and easy. An ATS can also streamline the entire recruitment process, allowing recruiters to optimize the recruitment cycle and spend more time on finding and selecting the best candidates to make the right hiring decision.

4. Improves Quality of Hire

With an ATS, you can quickly spot the candidates that best match the job requirements and filter out the unqualified applicants. This process allows your HR team to focus on the top talent in the pipeline, ultimately increasing the quality of hire. When an ATS screens and helps qualify candidates, recruiters are able to spend more time choosing the best candidates and increase their companies’ overall employee retention rate.

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