What’s New in ZenHR: Muqeem Native Integration

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What’s New in ZenHR: Muqeem Native Integration

ZenHR’s Native integration with Muqeem is here and ready to help you centralize and streamline all your employees’ immigration operations in Saudi Arabia. With Muqeem, you can now renew residencies, review resident workers’ data, and complete various transactions online, anytime and from anywhere.  

Muqeem” is an online service for Saudi Arabia residents that allows organizations to review their employees’ residency and visa data and complete their transactions online. ZenHR’s integration with Muqeem makes the residency renewal process in Saudi Arabia more consolidated and smoother than ever before while obtaining the precise data needed to complete the visa registration process – Read more

Some Benefits of ZenHR’s Native Integration with Muqeem

Easily Process Residency Matters

As the official portal for expats residency management in Saudi Arabia, Muqeem integrates with ZenHR so you can easily:
-Issue, renew, and transfer Iqamas
-Issue, cancel, extend, and reprint Exit/Re-Entry Visas
-Issue and cancel Final Exit Visas
-Extend and renew Passports

All directly from ZenHR, no matter where you are.

Efficient and Secure Transactions 

By renewing residency online on ZenHR, you can complete transactions quickly and securely while gathering all the data you require to conduct any of Muqeem’s services. All your employee’s data will not only be secured but automatically gathered and organized in data tables, making it easier for you to stay on top of every transaction.

Include Muqeem Data in Reports

With this integration, a new section named “Iqamas” has been added to ZenHR’s Report Builder. Now when customizing reports, this new section can be used to add any residency-related data collected through the Muqeem transactions to a customized report.

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