10 Free Online HR Courses to Help You Develop Your Career in HR

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10  Free Online HR Courses to Help You Develop Your Career in HR

As the global HR industry is expected to grow at least 12.2% per year from 2021 to 2028, HR development and upskilling have become more critical than ever. However, there’s no need to go back to school to learn more and develop your HR skills; that’s where free online HR courses come in. 

There are so many high-quality courses out there that’ll help broaden your management abilities, equip you with the latest HR strategies, and help you grow in your career. Some courses even allow you to self-report and provide you with a free diploma or printable HR certificate of completion. We’ve compiled a list for you of the 10 best HR courses online. Let’s dive in!

10  Free Online HR Courses to Develop Your HR Career

Choosing human resource courses can be challenging, especially when so many online options exist. To make it a little easier for you,  we’ve researched and developed a list of some of the best free hr courses that cover many aspects of human resources. From managing employee problems to recruitment, we’ve got you covered. Here are some hr courses you can start today:

1. Human Resources: Hiring and Managing Talent in the 21st Century

This eight-week course from the University of California, Riverside, teaches the fundamentals of hiring and managing talent in today’s workplace landscape. By building your HR skills and a range of practical tools, such as HR-driven gap analysis, you’ll be able to effectively develop and retain employees. 

2. Recruitment Skills 

This course equips you with the skills, abilities, and knowledge you need to help you shortlist applicants, interview, select, and offer the right candidates a position in your organization. The courses will emphasize the interview process and how to attract new hires into the organization. Not only is it free of cost, but this course also takes 20 hours, is self-paced, and provides you with an online certificate upon completion.

3. HR Management 

Upskill your HR management skills with this free self-paced course from one of the world’s best HR training websites, the Oxford Home Study Centre. The course is open to all individuals, from executives and HR professionals to aspiring managers. This course allows you to sharpen your leadership and management skills, abilities, and knowledge and increase your efficiency for professional growth.

4. Organizational Analysis

In this introductory to organizational analysis, a self-paced course, you will learn multiple theories of organizational behavior and apply them and make organizational change. With these organizational theories, you’ll learn how to analyze how organizations operate and can best be managed. Organizational theories highlight certain features of an organization’s structure and environment and its negotiation, production, and change processes. The course is designed to bridge theory and practice, giving you various conceptual tools and ways to deal with situations.

5. The Manager’s Toolkit: A Practical Guide to Managing People at Work

This course aims to give you a practical guide to managing people at work. Whether you’re a first-time manager or you’ve been in the game for a while, the same skills apply to every workplace. In the course, you will engage with some HR theories and then see how they translate into everyday working life—aiming to better equip you in choosing a suitable employee, motivating your team, managing conflict in the workplace, and leading and making decisions on a day-to-day basis.

6. Human Resources: Managing Employee Problems

People problems are common in the corporate world, and this course looks to help you manage these problems. The course explains the importance of training and documentation and how HR managers can use the employee handbook when problems arise. You’ll also learn why putting a good process in place is key to managing problems in the organization. The course is very short, and you earn a certificate of completion. And the best thing about this course is that you can access it from any platform, from computers to phones and even tablets.

7. Modern Human Resource Management – Recruitment and Selection Process

This free online Modern Human Resource Management course covers the effective recruitment and selection process that every human resource manager will find useful. This will be very helpful in picking the right employees who have the necessary skills and fit well within specific teams and organizations. Take this course and learn valuable knowledge step-by-step to level up your skills in the recruitment and selection process.

8. The Recruitment and Onboarding Process

Attracting and hiring the right people is crucial for the success of your business. This free online course will teach you how to attract the right employees, select the right candidate for a role, and onboard a new hire smoothly. Learn how to write job descriptions and use selection tools and presentations, among others. Owners of small companies and human resource managers will definitely benefit from this course.

9. Human Resource Systems and Processes

This free online human resource certification will introduce you to human resource processes and systems, HR policies, organizational structures, and grades and band structure for making your company competitive. This HR training delves into the enabling HR principles that everyone in human resources management can apply to the HR function in their organization to improve employee performance, value propositions, and recruitment.

10. Interviewing Techniques

Interviewing techniques keep on changing as the world advances. LinkedIn brings this course to you to ensure you’re up-to-date with the latest interviewing techniques. Among the lessons covered in this course are how to select applicants for interviews, make a business proposal for searching for applicants, take advantage of social media, and workable methods for considering previous applicants.

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