10 HR Memes Your HR Department Will Understand

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10 HR Memes Your HR Department Will Understand 

From recruitment to offboarding and everything in between, the HR department constantly juggles multiple tasks and plays a major role in keeping a company running. We at ZenHR have a major appreciation for HR professionals and all that they do. With all those tasks and responsibilities comes some great humor, so we’ve put together some of our favorite HR memes to give you a good laugh and lighten up your day! 

10 Funny HR Memes: Recruitment, Interviews, Employees, & More

1. When the hiring manager has unreasonable requirements…

2. The perfect candidate is right here, somewhere in my 100 open tabs.

3.  How candidates seem on their resume vs. during their interview.

4. Applicants when they have to fill out their employment history. That’s why ZenATS extracts information directly from submitted CVs, making applicants actually want to apply.

5. Submitting a candidate who only has 3 of the 5 skills your hiring manager wants…

6. Hiring managers leaving feedback for candidates…

7.  Recruiters when they have one less position to fill.

8. What a good candidate’s LinkedIn inbox looks like when recruiters are hiring:

9. When a recruiter adds their top candidate on LinkedIn.

10. Did you know that ZenATS makes communication with candidates much easier? It’s just one reason why both candidates and recruiters are happy with their experience.

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