What’s New in ZenHR: Mudad Payroll Platform Integration

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What’s New in ZenHR: Mudad Payroll Platform Integration

If you haven’t already heard, ZenHR now integrates with one of our most requested native integrations by our customers in KSA; the Mudad Payroll Platform. 

Mudad’s Payroll Management System (PMS) is a full-fledged payroll system for KSA that offers numerous payroll functionalities and capabilities for both small and medium enterprises (SME) owners. Mudad was established to align with the national transformation program in 2020 for the purpose of facilitating payroll management, as well as improving the quality of payroll systems in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia by offering innovative digital solutions.

One of the most notable features of Mudad is the ability to integrate with several Saudi banking channels. Mudad’s PMS is a single integration hub that connects its clients to a growing number of Saudi bank channels. This native integration with ZenHR will allow finance admins to send employees’ payroll to Mudad as well as Submit Payments, view Payment Status, and Cancel Payments through several Saudi banking channels Read more

Some Benefits of ZenHR’s Native Integration with Mudad

Efficiently Manage Salaries on ZenHR

Once the payroll is automatically processed on ZenHR, including attendance, leaves, and employee requests, you can pay employees’ salaries from ZenHR. Employees’ salaries will be transferred within 24 hours without needing to download or upload any bank files, and you can monitor the status of employees’ salaries directly from ZenHR.

Easily Track Salary Transfers 

Track the status of all employee salary transfers. See whether payments were sent successfully, need to be revised due to an issue, or if a salary is still being transferred and has yet to be received by an employee. This allows HR managers and financial admins to ensure that all salaries are successfully delivered to all employees as soon as possible.

Automatically Update Wage Protection Files

With this integration, you no longer have to upload wage protection files yourself. Once payroll transfers are successfully completed on ZenHR, Mudad will automatically upload the wage protection file for you, giving you one less thing to worry about. 

What’s New in ZenHR: Mudad Payroll Platform Integration

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