5 Benefits of Video Interviews in Your Recruitment Process

5 Benefits of Video Interviews in Your Recruitment Process

If you’re on the search for top candidates and trying to fill your available job roles, you must begin incorporating video interviews in your hiring process if you haven’t already. Around 86% of recruiters currently conduct job interviews online. Ever since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a spike in video interviews by 67%. In addition to the rising demand for more efficiency in every company, the increasing popularity of video interviews should not come as a surprise.

Advantages of Including Video Interviews in Your Hiring Process

The Top Benefits of Incorporation Video Interviews

Utilizing video interview software has made the recruitment process much smoother and has improved the experience for both interviewers and job seekers. It also helps to save valuable time and resources throughout the hiring process. Here are some more benefits of adding a video interview stage to your recruitment process.

1. Save Hiring Managers’ Time

From scheduling headaches to late arrivals, face-to-face interviews take up a lot of time for candidates who aren’t a match. Video interviews can be done much quicker without having to travel, allowing hiring managers to fit interviews into small gaps in their schedule rather than spend full mornings and afternoons on in-person meetings. So, video interviewing candidates not only takes up a lot less of the hiring manager’s time but also allows them to interview more candidates and get on with their day.

2. Interview More Candidates

Video interviews can take a lot less time than conducting face-to-face interviews. By removing the physical process of sending directions, and candidates finding the building and coming in, you can say goodbye to late arrivals and no-shows that take up too much of your time. You no longer have to arrange and select suitable times to meet in person; video interviews allow you to meet more candidates in the same time span. You’ll be able to meet more candidates and screen applicants regarding requirements much quicker, resulting in a more efficient recruitment process.

3. Convenient For Passive Candidates

Sometimes hiring managers set out to recruit candidates who are working full-time jobs. A full-time employee not actively looking to leave their job, also known as a passive candidate, may not be able to easily come for an interview given their busy work schedule and may not be willing to reorganize their schedule. However, a 20-30 minute interview in the comfort of their home is much simpler. The ease of a video interview can help you attract the qualified passive candidates you’re looking for. A simple and efficient experience can help convince them to give something new a chance.

4. Be More Efficient and Reduce Time-To-Hire

Having a more efficient recruitment process is not only better for your company but is also mandatory to keep candidates in the race until the end. Many candidates give up on recruitment processes when they feel the company is taking more time than what’s expected. Screenings are very time-consuming, but recruiters can make them a fast and efficient process by including video interviews in the process. This will provide recruiters with the necessary data to make the first decisions and give a fast response to all participants, staying ahead of the competition.

5. Provide a Positive Candidate Experience

A positive candidate experience can help improve your employer brand. Incorporating video interviews in your hiring process shows candidates that your company is embracing the latest in recruitment technology. 58% of candidates say the video interviewing experience had made them feel more positive about the hiring company. Video interviews also show that you respect candidates’ time and needs, which in return can improve your employer’s brand through positive word of mouth from job candidates regarding your company culture.

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