Boss Vs. Leader: 10 Huge Differences

10 Huge Differences Between a Boss and a Leader

Employees don’t want a boss whose only job is to control and manage them. They need a leader who motivates, inspires, and encourages them to be more productive and happy at their jobs. If you’re not sure what the differences are between being a boss and being a leader, the following infographic highlights 10 key differences that distinguish a true leader from a boss.

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10 Main Differences Between a Boss and a Leader

10 Main Differences Between a Boss and a Leader

1. Bosses say “I”, but Leaders say “We”.

2. Leaders give credit where it’s due; Bosses only take credit.

3. Bosses micromanage their teams but Leaders delegate.

4. Leaders encourage growth while Bosses criticize their team.

5. Bosses focus on weaknesses, whereas Leaders focus on people’s strengths.

6. Leaders step up and take responsibility, but Bosses tend to blame others.

7. Bosses direct;  Leaders take the time to coach their people.

8. Leaders listen more, but Bosses spend more time talking.

9. Bosses foster fear amongst their teams; Leaders spark enthusiasm. 

10. Leaders ask, whereas Bosses command.

This list of differences makes it clear that, unlike a stereotypical boss, a leader is able to be compassionate, hard-working, flexible, and inclusive for the overall good of the team. 

Bosses’ main priority is checking items off the corporate to-do list. While leaders both complete tasks and empower and motivate their teams and people around them.

A leader, on the other hand, works towards improvement instead of focusing on weaknesses and negatives. Though people may acknowledge the authority of a boss, people cherish a true leader.

In order to be a quality leader, you must be able to establish an atmosphere of respect and collaboration. Whether you are a new employee or have been in the game for a while, these leadership traits will help you excel as a leader and positively impact the people around you.

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