How ZenHR Increased the Productivity of Datahub Analytics’ HR Team by 90%

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“ZenHR helped us take our HR processes to the next level with its incredible interface and features. I must also highlight their amazing customer support team that has been there for us every step of the way.”

Yasmeen Al-Tarawneh, Executive Assistant at Datahub Analytics 

About Datahub Analytics

As the first specialized data analytics company in Jordan, Datahub Analytics is focused on delivering business intelligence, advanced analytics, and big data solutions to empower decision-makers to maximize the business value of their data. Datahub Analytics aims to simplify and refine decision-making processes in all industries that want the most effective and efficient operational and business excellence. Datahub Analytics is on a mission to deliver a compelling, easy-to-use visual Data Analysis Suite that enables customers to become expert data users regardless of their technical proficiency.

The Challenge

At Datahub Analytics, the HR department was facing difficulties in areas such as managing employee performance evaluations, tracking attendance, and staying on top of all types of employee requests, including leave requests, loan requests, annual vacation requests, and more. But the team came to discover that they didn’t have to do it all on their own, and with the help of a cloud-based HRMS, all these challenges became struggles of the past.  

The Solution

With the assistance of ZenHR’s award-winning modules and features, the HR team at Data Analytics no longer has to juggle multiple different processes on their own. ZenHR’s performance and evaluation module made evaluating employees’ performance a seamless process and kept their employees engaged along the way. Additionally, with the help of ZenHR’s employee self-service module (ESS), managing requests has become easier than ever. Datahub Analytics employees can easily log in to their accounts and submit all types of requests through ZenHR’s user-friendly interface without any paperwork or having to spend time speaking to HR. Managers then easily view these requests and take action according to their specified approval cycle, making the process simple, fast, and hassle-free for everyone.


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