Introducing Our Revamped Applicant Tracking System, ZenATS

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We are happy to announce the release of our newly revamped Applicant Tracking System, ZenATS. Previously known as Cavall, ZenATS is a comprehensive ATS that offers a whole new recruitment experience for both HR people and job candidates. Our teams have tirelessly worked to enhance the user experience and the analytical features of ZenATS to help create a delightful candidate journey across all touchpoints throughout your hiring funnel.

The interface of our new applicant tracking system delivers the same level of usability and consistency as our Human Resource Management System, ZenHR. With this facelift and overhaul, ZenATS brings everything full-circle to cover all of your HR and recruitment needs from the acquire stage to the retire stage, allowing you to easily attract, select, and hire the best candidates and seamlessly onboard them directly on ZenHR. 

Similar to ZenHR, the color scheme of ZenATS is the perfect blend of blue and yellow to put you in an actual state of Zen. It radiates the peace, calm, and tranquility of blue, the balance and growth of green, and the uplifting energy of yellow.

Along with the new brand name and look, ZenATS now includes more customizable features and new integrations – such as LinkedIn Jobs – to help you design the optimal hiring process.

We hope you like our rebranded and enhanced applicant tracking system, and we look forward to elevating your recruitment process to a whole new level. Look out for more enhancements and new exciting features coming your way.

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