How Time Tracking Software Promotes Productivity

Manual time tracking is an outdated process that used to only be about logging hours and timesheets. With new technology, time tracking has become easier than ever and can produce gold mines of data that can deliver helpful insight. Time tracking software is a valuable way to not only monitor your employees but also help you boost productivity. This software is essential when it comes to understanding how time is spent and is a key to staying productive and efficient. How does time tracking software promote productivity exactly? Here are a few ways it does just that.


When employees are given flexibility and freedom to complete tasks in their own manner, time tracking helps hold them accountable without there being a need for micromanagement. Letting your employees do whatever they need to accomplish their goals and choose how to spend their working hours can help create a positive work environment.

With time tracking software, employees will be more mindful of the duration of their breaks and other activities throughout the day. This will make them more aware of the remaining hours they have at work, leaving them determined to complete their assignments for the day. Being held accountable helps employees remain focused on doing actual work, leading to increased productivity and output.

Find Areas of Improvement

Many time tracking software allows employees to enter the tasks that they are going to work on. This process allows admins and managers to see just how many hours it’s taking employees to accomplish specific tasks. Supervisors can also measure employee performance in a better and more tangible manner.

Data-supported tracking helps managers address and uncover areas for improvement more easily. With this data, you can determine which tasks are taking too long, come up with corrective actions to solve any apparent problems, and fill gaps effectively. In this way, time tracking enables employees to be more efficient and productive when doing tasks moving forward.

Avoid Burn Out

Employee burnout can lead to an increased rate of absences, decrease in morale and engagement, and significantly affect your company. That’s why companies should do their best to protect their employees from burning out and utilize time tracking software to do so.

Managers can monitor how employees spend their time and gauge any uneven distribution of tasks that may create unnecessary pressure on employees or their team. Managers can also view logged hours and see who’s been working overtime if employees have not taken any breaks. These can be signs of being overworked which can lead to overfatigue, stress, lack of sleep, and other bad outcomes. By uncovering overworked employee patterns, proper feedback can be given, hours can be reduced, or vacations and breaks can be encouraged.

Reduce Administrative Work

Time tracking tools can significantly reduce time-consuming and mundane administrative tasks. The software can generate detailed and summarized reports that can be sent out directly, yield precise information for invoices and payroll, and even automate salary calculations, including overtime pay. 

Admin staff can export data to payroll with a few clicks, especially if the time tracking tools integrate with financial software programs. The time tracking software shortens and streamlines many processes and minimizes the chances for human error compared with manual tracking giving your team more time to attend to other critical matters and make the best use of their time. 

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