Introducing ZenHR’s New and Improved Mobile App

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ZenHR’s new mobile app is better and more accessible than ever. With our newer, bolder logo, refreshed color scheme, and revamped features, the ZenHR team has worked tirelessly to deliver a seamless employee self-service (ESS) solution at your fingertips using our clients’ feedback.

ZenHR’s new ESS mobile application gives your entire workforce immediate access to HR-related tasks and information that your employees need. You aren’t tied to a desk, and neither is your work; both employees and managers can now perform multiple actions at a time and submit requests on the go. Whether employees want to request time off or managers wish to schedule shifts, ZenHR’s new app allows you to do it all, anywhere and anytime. 

ZenHR’s Employee Self-Service, newly revamped mobile app allows you to:

  • Give Your Employees Access to Salary Slips

Employees may need salary slips urgently for loans, taxes, and other reasons. ZenHR gives access to employees to their salary slips on the mobile app.

  • Automated Time & Attendance Tracking

Not only can employees log their attendance simply on their mobile phones, but managers can also track employees’ work hours, attendance, and shifts smoothly. ZenHR allows you to enable Geolocation attendance tracking by adding multiple work locations. With Geolocation, employees can easily check-in and out using the mobile app.

  • Manage Employees’ Leave & Vacation Requests 

With the new app, employees can now request leaves and vacations quicker and easier than ever, while managers can manage approvals at the touch of a screen.

  • Employee Scheduling & Shift Management 

You can now manage employees’ schedules and shifts effortlessly. The new ZenHR app also allows employees to access their schedules easily and manage their work shifts anywhere and anytime. 

The ZenHR app keeps you and your employees connected wherever you are and on any device. To enjoy all these new features, download ZenHR’s Mobile App, available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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