Workplace Trends 2021

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The modern-day workplace is constantly evolving from work environments to technological developments. To keep up with all these changes, you must be aware of the current trends and be ready to adopt them. This article will highlight the top 6 trends that have helped revolutionize the workplace this year.

Flexible Workplace

People are waving goodbye to the traditional nine to five as flexible schedules become the new norm. With Covid-19 taking over the world the past year, some workplaces not only adopted working remotely but flexible hours too. The access we have to current technology has made managing remote and flexible schedules easy. A flexible workplace is beneficial as it contributes to increased employee engagement, employee wellness, and reduced stress levels. 

Emphasis on Mental Health 

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, mental health has been brought to the forefront. Employers are more aware than ever of the impact mental health can have on employees and even the company. Employers are now focused on finding practical solutions to help aid stress levels, anxiety and enhance employee mental health. 

Focus on Gender Equality

Gender equality is not a new topic, and for years now, we have seen advocacy for equality in the workplace. Over the years, many companies have embraced gender equality; however, some have yet to bridge gender gaps. Nonetheless, the focus on gender equality is heightened, and more progression is on the horizon.  

Training and Upskilling

New software and tools are constantly on the rise, and it has become necessary to adopt them. Technology is evolving, and it’s vital that workforces evolve with it. Training and upskilling employees will motivate them to embrace new methods and make use of them. Continuous development and training will encourage innovation and growth. 


It’s 2021, paper-based processes have become a part of the past, and automation is on the road to becoming essential instead of just extra. There is no longer a need to complete tasks when they can be automated manually. Workplaces have automated their HR, which efficiently enhances processes like payroll, on-boarding and off-boarding, recruitment, and the list goes on. Innovatively streamlining these processes assists in keeping the workplace running smoothly and more effectively.

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