What Makes ZenHR the Perfect System for Companies in UAE?

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HR automation is now more vital than ever! It has an integral role in the HR department’s day-to-day activities and plays a crucial role in the workplace. HR automation enhances the productivity and efficiency of employees, saves a lot of time, and at utmost importance, helps in staying compliant with the labor laws and regulations.

Choosing the right HR software is a challenging business decision. Read this whitepaper to learn more about the right steps for choosing the best HR software for your business. Localization and compliance with labor laws are two of the top prioritized features when looking for the right HR software. Therefore, ZenHR has been designed to perfectly meet the needs of companies in the UAE job market.

ZenHR is Fully Localized to the UAE market

ZenHR is a cloud-based Human Resources Management System (HRMS) that is specifically designed to serve everyone from SME to Enterprise customers in the UAE market. In addition to being a bilingual interface (English and Arabic) ZenHR is completely localized according to the specific needs of companies in the UAE including all labor laws, WPS (Wages Protection System), expat regulations, and social security & tax laws.

Many Features in ZenHR Were Perfectly Designed to Meet the Needs of Companies in UAE

With ZenHR’s HR software, you no longer need to worry about Geofencing attendance and time-tracking, gratuity calculations, WPS and payroll compliance, managing employees’ misconduct effectively, creating proper and well-written HR letters, managing various branches on a regional level, and many more other tasks. ZenHR will help you automate all of the mentioned HR processes while staying compliant with all the labor laws and regulations in the UAE.

ZenHR is an Award-Winning and Top-Rated HR Software

ZenHR is an award-winning HR Software solution and has been recognized by several world-class online portals in its category based on several quantitative and qualitative factors, including but not limited to ratings and reviews from end-users, integrations, mobile app, and functionality. ZenHR awards:

  1. Front Runners Award by Software Advice
  2. Quality Choice by Crozdesk
  3. Happiest Users by Crozdesk
  4. Best Ease of Use by Capterra
  5. Category Leaders by GetApp

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