ZenHR was Chosen as one of the Top Onboarding Software Tools of 2021

We are happy to announce that ZenHR has been chosen as one of the Top Onboarding Software Tools of 2021 by Capterra. The performers in that list were chosen out of 286 products as the highest scoring tools in both popularity and user ratings. These are generally products that have been around for a while and are loved by their users.

Capterra’s Shortlist reports aim to identify the top products in software categories based on a proprietary blend of user ratings and popularity. Capterra Shortlist plots the top products on a chart, allowing buyers to see which products are strongest on each component easily. 

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Capterra uses exclusive data and trusted reviews from verified software users to build their shortlists so buyers can confidently build theirs.

With ZenHR’s onboarding module, you will make every recruit feel welcomed right before they start, setting them up for success in their new jobs and inspiring them to provide their best every day. Not just that, but you’ll make them want to stay. In reality, new employees who went through a process-driven onboarding process were 58% more likely to stay with the firm three years later.

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