Why you need to Incorporate Pre-Hiring Assessments in your Hiring Process

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Pre-hiring assessments or pre-hiring tests are tools used through the hiring process to screen candidates and assess their abilities in certain areas such as their proficiency in a certain language, intelligence quotient (IQ), emotional intelligence, and many other areas. CV screening and face-to-face interviews are not enough to objectively assess your candidates and predict their job performance. Thus, ZenHR provides you today with 3 reasons why you should incorporate pre-hiring assessments in your hiring process.

Enhancing the Efficiency of the Recruitment Process

The recruitment process can be very time-consuming, especially when you have a large pool of candidates; relying solely on CV screening and interviews will make it extremely difficult for you to manage the recruitment process and identify the right candidates, and here’s where pre-hiring assessments come into play! When you incorporate pre-hiring assessments at the beginning of the recruitment process, you can weed out unqualified candidates, and save your time to spend only on qualified candidates who potentially fit the job.

More Objective, Less Biased Hiring Decisions

When using assessment tools like CV screening or interviews, recruiters tend to judge candidates based on subjective, rather than job-related, criteria. On the other hand, pre-hiring assessments are designed to help you take standardized and objective hiring decisions that are free from any conscious or unconscious biases while granting all candidates an equal opportunity to succeed.

Increased Retention Rates

Retaining talent is as equally important to the success of any business as hiring the best talent! As replacing employees is costly and time-consuming, recruiters aim to hire candidates who are qualified and perfectly match the job. Reliable and valid pre-employment tests provide recruiters with accurate information on how well-matched a certain candidate is to a particular job opening. This will result in a higher satisfaction rate among your employees and will enhance your retention rates and reduce turnover.

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