Wondering Why Your Employees Hate HR? Here Are 4 Possible Reasons

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  • They care about the company and the management, not the employees

If your HR team has the mentality of keeping only the interests of the company and the management in mind, and never taking the employee side, then be ready for the hate your employees will show for the HR team. A Successful HR person, who thinks of the long-term success of the company, should understand that protecting employees and taking their side whenever possible is a smart way to protect the company!

  • They focus on policies than on people

Companies need rules and policies to function properly, and the HR department is responsible for creating, applying, and monitoring the execution of these policies. However, it’s dangerous to overly focus on rigid HR policies as this would turn away your top talent. Make sure your HR team achieves the right balance between applying necessary policies and keeping the employees comfortable and engaged.

  • They are nitpicky and focus on minor mistakes

Some HR people keep nagging on minor employee flaws such as not wearing the proper dress code or being 5 minutes late for work. While these issues are important, they should not be prioritized over real problems like lack of employee morale, high turnover rates, or lack of employee engagement. HR teams should prioritize problems according to their actual impact on the company and act accordingly.

  • They are dishonest or unfair

Many employees complain that their HR departments are untrustworthy and they misrepresent the employee’s story to cover up their mishandling of a certain situation or they support managers over employees regardless of evidence. The best way to avoid these problems is to ask your HR team to keep everything documented in writing.

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