Spotting Potential Leaders within your Existing Employees

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Looking for a new outstanding team leader to join your company? You are probably reviewing hundreds of resumes, paying for expensive headhunting services, looking for referrals, and utilizing all available tools to find this team leader who will take your company to the next level, but wait! You might be overlooking the fact that this new leader can be one of your existing team members. Seeking out potential leaders within your existing team will save you time and money.

ZenHR provides you with 5 signs to look out for if you’re trying to spot potential leaders within your employees.

  1. They are highly engaged

Leaders engage with people! If you have an employee who always shows engagement, communicates effectively with all coworkers, positively influences colleagues, and motivates others then this is a sign that this employee might be your next leader.

2. They have positive relationships with coworkers

One of the most important leadership skills is communication. Leaders communicate effectively with all kinds of personalities in the workplace. Keep in mind that positive relationships don’t necessarily mean friendships and relationships outside the office, but it means mutual respect and cooperation inside the office.

3. They continuously improve themselves

An employee who always thrives to gain more knowledge, experience, and skills is someone who has a high potential to become a leader. Potential leaders never stop learning and they try to seize every opportunity offered to them to learn and develop their skills.

4. They give credit to others

Potential leaders never steal the ideas of others or take credit for others’ work; instead, they are confident employees who would be happy to praise others and step back to let others shine. Potential leaders get the best out of others and are always happy with the success of others.

5. They are solution-oriented

When faced with a problem or a difficult situation, potential leaders don’t think of complaining as the first solution, they try to remain calm and take the initiative to understand the problem and find suggested solutions before approaching their managers.

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