Tips for Hiring Remotely During and After the COVID-19 Outbreak

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Due to COVID-19, many companies have shifted to remote work policies. Recruitment is one of the essential business functions that cannot be stopped because you’re not physically in the office, and it can be easily done remotely. Hiring remotely may become a necessity even after coronavirus, so ZenHR provides you with some tips for hiring remotely during and after coronavirus.

  • Find a reliable video interviewing tool

The success of the traditional interviews rely on the face-to-face interactions with the candidates to assess their skills and qualifications, but does this mean that the current conditions won’t allow you to continue with your hiring process? The answer is definitely no! Conducting video interviews in the right way makes them as effective as face-to-face interviews. The first thing you should do is to find a reliable video interviewing tool, choose one that allows more than one of your team members to participate in the interview.

  • Using pre-hiring assessments

To help you gain better insights about your candidates’ skills and qualifications, we advise you to use pre-hiring assessments which are great job predictors, especially when it comes to hiring remotely. Choose a platform that offers valid and reliable assessments, where your candidates can take the tests online, and while providing a great a good user experience to your employees.

  • Using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

One of the main challenges of remote hiring is keeping the hiring process organized and keeping all members of the recruitment team aware of everything related to the hiring process such as the names of candidates and on which hiring stage each candidate is. Working remotely may limit the communication between your team members, that’s why you should immediately opt for an ATS that allows your team to track your candidates throughout the multiple hiring stages, identifies the candidate’s sources, and communicate with candidates through the system while showing those conversations to all team members.

  • Being prepared to answer all COVID-19 related questions

You might be stressed due to the current conditions, but keep in mind that candidates are much more stressed and they will have many questions in mind regarding the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on your company. None of us has clear answers to all questions, but be prepared to answer the below questions:

  • What is the current financial position of your company?
  • How is the onboarding process going to take place remotely?
  • What are the current communication tools that are currently available?
  • What are the current remote work policies?
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