Why Employee Feedback is Important during the COVID-19 Crisis

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For employees in many companies, this is a time of great uncertainty. Employees – without a doubt – have questions and concerns that need to be addressed about the company’s performance as we as the security of their jobs. As an HR person, it’s your responsibility to keep communication channels wide open to be able to understand your employees’ needs and concerns during this difficult period.

One of the quickest – yet effective – ways to get a feel of your employees’ concerns is to conduct an online survey that includes a list of questions that aim to assess your employees’ level of satisfaction with the management decisions as well as the current work conditions.

Ask your employees to fill the survey anonymously and make sure that it covers the most important areas of concern such as your work from home policy, management decisions, the communication level and tools, and the overall satisfaction and trust level during the current situation.

We at ZenHR want to make it easier for you to collect the feedback of your employees on their level of satisfaction with the support and decisions of your management and HR during the COVID-19 crisis. We have created a simple, editable survey template “Employee Satisfaction Survey during the COVID-19 Crisis” so you can download it, edit it, and share it with your employees:

Get Employee Satisfaction Survey Template in EnglishClick here

Get Employee Satisfaction Survey Template in ArabicClick here

Analyse the survey results and identify the areas that need improvement and share those results with your team. Make sure that you highlight the positive aspects, and explain what you’re planning to do regarding the areas that need improvement. The whole point of the survey is to let your employees know that their voices are heard.

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