Cool Features on ZenHR’s HRMS that will make your Life Easier

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As you may already know, ZenHR is a cloud-based HR software that is specifically designed to serve everyone from SME to Enterprise customers in the MENA market. We at ZenHR, are constantly improving our software to make it your ultimate solution for automating all of your HR processes. 

With ZenHR’s 6 main modules: On-boarding and Off-boarding, Employee Self-Service (ESS), Attendance and Time Tracking, Payroll, Performance and Evaluation and Applicant Tracking System, we aim to save your time and effort and help you enhance the efficiency of your HR department. Now let’s take a deeper look at some cool features within ZenHR’s system that we believe you’ll love:

  • Mobile Geolocation Time Tracking Feature

Geolocation Time Tracking allows you to oversee employees’ check in/out times as well as all types of leaves – using both ZenHR’s mobile app and web platform with or without a fingerprint machine. You can also define geographical restrictions to ensure that employees can only check in/out from the correct locations only.

  • HR Letters & Templates

This feature allows ZenHR’s users to create HR letters templates such as employment verification letters, dismissal letters and much more, using dynamic variables in order to generate employee-related letters in an easy way, while documenting the history of all created letters.

  • Documents Center

ZenHR allows you and your employees to upload and share an unlimited number of documents internally and set specific access permissions for each one of them so that employees and managers alike can retrieve them without the need to contact the HR department. You can also customize notifications and reminders before the arrival of each document’s expiry date.

  • Contractual Vacation Balances

Using this feature, you can upload your employees’ contracts and ZenHR will automatically calculate the vacation balance for each employee based on their contracts. Also, keep in mind that your employees can easily log in to their accounts and request all kinds of vacations and leaves, and their managers can easily view time-off requests and take action accordingly.

  • Vacation In Advance Salary

If your company pays employees’ salaries before they go on their vacations, in the same month or covering several months of vacation, you will have to calculate the “vacation in-advance salary”. This is not an easy process as all income and deduction transactions will also be applied to it including: calculating the prorated allowances, deducting the social security (GOSI in Saudi Arabia) as well as income tax. So this feature allows you to calculate your employees’ Vacation In-Advance Salary in addition to the ability to set reminders about the employees’ resumption dates.

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