Hiring Remotely due to Coronavirus? Here are 3 Must-Have Tools


The COVID-19 pandemic is chancing the world as we know it, and it’s becoming more and more evident that things will not go back to the way they were. For businesses to survive and thrive during this situation, they have to be proactive and ready to adopt new ways of doing business.

As a recruitment team member, you might think that you work in one of those areas where your operations have to stop until all of this is over. But this shouldn’t be the case as there are a number of tools that will allow you to continue your recruitment processes remotely. Below are 3 must-have tools to help you succeed in hiring the best candidates remotely.

  1. Video Interviews

Video interviews are becoming more and more popular, and now with the current global covid-19 situation, it seems to be the only solution to keep your HR operations alive. So the first HR tool that you should consider investing in, is a reliable interviewing tool that can be easily used by your recruitment team and candidates alike.

ZenHR has added a Video Interviews tool to its Applicant Tracking System Cavall. In order to keep companies’ recruitment processes uninterrupted while working remotely, Cavall’s ATS now allows you to conduct video (or audio) interviews seamlessly from within the Applicant Tracking System. You can also have panel interviews when multiple parties are involved, along with the ability to share your screens.

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  1. Online Pre-Hiring Assessments

Pre-employment tests have proven to be highly impactful on improving the quality of your hires. They help you save time, enhance objectivity in hiring decisions, decrease turnover, and better predict the employee’s performance on-the-job. Having a solid cloud-based testing platform will allow you to continue administering tests to your candidates – even if you’re hiring remotely. Choose a testing platform that allows you to generate test links to be share with potential candidates so they can take the assessments from the comfort of their homes.

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  1. Virtual On-boarding

On-boarding is all about welcoming new employees while helping them get familiar with your company’s culture. That’s why virtual on-boarding can be very challenging. What you need here is a cloud-based HR software (such as ZenHR) that offers a solid on-boarding module allowing you to welcome your new hires with a comprehensive on-boarding pack that covers all of the needs of both the employee and the company. This will allow your new hires to get familiar with the team and the company culture from day one – even if they’re working remotely.

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