4 Tips for a Successful HRMS Implementation Process


So you did your research and finally found out the best HR software that meet your business requirements and budget, that’s great! Now it’s the time to start with the implementation process, ZenHR provides you with 4 tips to ensure a smooth and successful implementation process.

  1. Planning and Preparation Phase

Start by planning the scope of your implementation process by identifying the required tasks, the employees assigned to each task, the deadlines for each tasks, and the actual timeline for the whole implementation process as agreed with your HRMS provider.

  1. Implementation Phase

This phase is to be conducted by the HRMS provider; however, you are required to handle the data migration part. You will receive a template from your HR system provider that has to be filled out with all the required HR data. The depth of information depends greatly on the nature of your business and the modules that you have chosen to integrate into your software solution.

  1. Going Live Phase

Once you and your HRMS provider are ready to go live with your HRMS, user’s first experience should be your top priority, Make sure you communicate clearly with your employees, and inform them of who they can contact if they have any questions on how to use the system. Additional communication might be needed, especially when handling sensitive HR areas such as payroll.

  1. Post Go-Live Evaluation

Any HRMS implementation project is expected to be faced with many challenges and it is normal, but ask yourself the below basic questions to assess the initial success of the software:

    • Are the features functioning as expected?
    • What errors are occurring and are they within the expectations?
    • Is the software working with other integrated systems as expected?
    • Have you started to see positive impacts on your HR department and the whole company?

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