The Top 4 HR Pains and How to Resolve Them with an HRMS

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We have recently witnessed so many rapid changes to how Human Resources Management “HRM” works, which aligns with how technology, communications, and legal requirements impact today’s employers. To summarize, HR managers have a lot on their plates.

HRM can be a major challenge for small businesses as many don’t have an HR department to handle their day-to-day operations. Regardless of the company size, there are a number of HR pains facing companies these days, along with how HR software can resolve each one of them.

The Top 4 HR Pains Facing Companies These Days

Pain #1: Compliance with Labor Laws and Data Security

While compliance in HR helps you to build a sustainable, long-lasting workplace, it’s still a major challenge that many HR departments still face to this day. Being compliant with labor laws and regulations isn’t just about avoiding penalties; it’s also about maintaining a fair workplace where all employees feel safe and respected. Having an HRMS to automate this process helps support your compliance efforts by providing a data structure, a framework for your processes, as well as a best practice approach on how to handle payroll calculations, leave management, termination of employees, and much more.

Pain #2: Automate or Die

While this pain might sound a bit dramatic, there are many examples of huge companies that have lost their market share due to a lack of digitization. There are lots of examples of processes that have become automated, and HR is definitely one of them. HR is responsible for driving the innovative processes of the company. And if HR doesn’t initiate this, who will? With an HRMS in place, you can automate HR and you can start speaking the language of the new generations that are taking over the job market.

Pain #3: Badly Managed Recruitment Processes

Candidates form opinions about your company with every touch point that they have with your HR throughout the recruitment process, but HR and recruiters often forget how important it is for them to create a positive candidate experience. Having an applicant tracking system (ATS) as part of your HR Software is a great place to start. An effective ATS will directly impact the candidate experience by streamlining the recruitment process from start to finish. Use an ATS that offers onboarding integration to free yourself from the unnecessary paperwork that can make starting a new job so difficult on the candidate.

Pain #4: Managing HR Documents

HR documents are often created manually, making them time-consuming and error-prone. While it might be manageable to handle documents manually if you’re a small organization, paper forms can pile up quickly, given how many documents you need to keep for lengthy periods of time – and even after an employee leaves.

While we might be a little bit biased toward our own HRMS, ZenHR, there are many reasons why HR professionals are moving to cloud-based employee databases. An HR System – like ZenHR – will allow you to keep your employees’ records in one secure document center, which makes retrieving the right document just a click away.

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