Case Study: How ZenHR’s HRMS helped Xceede Solutions overcome their HR challenges

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Company Studied: Xceede Solutions

Industry: Consulting

Location: United States and India

Number of Employees: 10 – 26

Xceede Solutions is a Boutique Management Consulting organization with a passion for Technology. A high-touch, trusted adviser, and partner that combines business strategy, industry best practices, and technology to empower the growth of companies. Xceede Solutions uses innovative ways to help companies operationalize their strategies and overcome any business and growth challenges.

Challenges Prior to Using ZenHR’s HRMS

The HR department at Xceede Solutions has been overwhelmed with many HR tasks including:

  • Tracking all employee information and documentation
  • Handling the on-boarding and off-boarding processes and related asset management
  • Managing employees’ leaves and vacations
  • Handling employee reimbursable expenses
  • Managing employee performance

How ZenHR’s HRMS helped Xceede Solutions Overcome these Challenges

Now with ZenHR:

  • Xceede Solutions enjoys a one centralized platform to manage all sensitive employee information along with related assets.
  • All necessary HR processes such as employee on-boarding and off-boarding, performance management, and approval workflows can now be performed easily with a click of a button.
  • Employee reimbursements via our multi-level approval workflow are now effectively handled.
  • Infrastructure costs and traditional time-clock machines are no longer needed with ZenHR’s Geolocation tracking feature.
  • With the Employee Self-Service (ESS) Mobile App, 99% of employees’ manual requests and inquiries have been eliminated.

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