Case Study: How Jordan Paramedic Society achieved 30% savings in HR costs using ZenHR’s HR Software

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Company Studied: Jordan Paramedic Society (JPS)


Industry: NGO

Location: Amman, Jordan

Number of Employees: 26 – 100

Jordan Paramedic Society is as local, not-for-profit, NGO founded in Jordan in 2012 on the basis of serving, supporting, and motivating the surrounding community and the MENA region.  JPS is established by a group of professionals with health, medical, and paramedic backgrounds, as the national voice of the three emergency medical services (EMS). JPS aims to provide high quality healthcare to the disadvantaged and the vulnerable as well as spread awareness on healthy living and disease prevention.

Challenges Prior to Using ZenHR’s HRMS

The HR department at Jordan Paramedic Society had been overwhelmed with many HR tasks including:

  • Organizing employees’ info under one platform.
  • Calculating vacations and leaves balances for all employees.
  • Check in/out used to be manual.

How ZenHR’s HRMS helped Jordan Paramedic Society Solutions Overcome their HR Challenges:

  • HR automation was one of Jordan Paramedic Society HR development goals and they achieved it using ZenHR.
  • All HR related information is well organized under one platform, and all vacations  and leaves balances are calculated automatically for each employee using ZenHR.
  • ZenHR’s Mobile App allows all employees at Jordan Paramedic Society to perform a number of tasks themselves, with a click of a button, and without having to approach the HR department.

Jordan Paramedic Society HR Savings with ZenHR’s HRMS:


Before ZenHR, it used to take the HR person at Jordan Paramedic Society 6 hours of a full workday to perform routine manual HR processes!

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