Case Study: How HR180 streamlined their HR processes with ZenHR’s HR Software

Company Studied: HR180

Industry: HR Advisory Solutions

Number of Employees: 60

HR180 is a human resources research and consulting firm that helps organizations build strength in human capital by retaining and developing employees. From pure data to full developed employee engagement, HR180 provides the retention solutions to help businesses achieve and exceed their organizational goals, while simultaneously increasing employee retention and satisfaction.

Challenges Prior to Using ZenHR’S HRMS: 

The HR department at HR180 consists of only 6 employees. They have been overwhelmed with many HR tasks including:

  • Manual employee time tracking
  • Payroll calculations according to the local taxes and social security laws
  • Annual performance appraisals
  • Manpower planning
  • On-boarding of new employees and off-boarding processes

How ZenHR’s HR System helped HR180 overcome their HR challenges:

With HR automation, HR180’s HR department has overcome their challenges and can now:

  • Focus on their real priorities instead of wasting their time on routine tasks.
  • Fully automate their time tracking.
  • Enjoy an easier than ever off-boarding experience including asset returns and compliance with the Jordanian labor laws.
  • Enjoy a single platform to manage all HR-related tasks, including error free payroll

HR160 HR Savings Quantified:

HR Savings by using HR automation

10% of HR180’s overall costs have been decreased by opting for paperless and automated HR processes.

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