ZenHR Solutions to Power the HR and Recruitment Processes of BeyondCapital Startups

ZenHR Solutions, the revolutionary human resources solutions group has signed a partnership agreement with BeyondCapital, an organization that promotes the entrepreneurial and investment ecosystem in Jordan through comprehensive support for startups, finance entrepreneurs and angel investors.

This partnership aims to cover the HR and recruitment needs of BeyondCapital startups through a number of cloud-based HR and recruitment products including: ZenHR’s Human Resources Management System (HRMS), Akhtaboot’s recruitment services, and Career Connect’s recruitment engine.

Mr. Tamer Al-Salah, Managing Director at BeyondCapital, said: “At BeyondCapital we recognize that access to talent and a strong HR process is a crucial prerequisite for startups. With our partnership with ZenHR Solutions, we aim to address recruitment and retention challenges and support our entrepreneurs by automating and streamlining operations.”

Mr. Yousef Shamoun, Co-founder and CEO of ZenHR Solutions said: “Our HR automation tools offered to BeyondCapital startups will reduce the time needed to perform redundant and time-consuming HR tasks that rely heavily on Excel spreadsheets, by offering a one stop, cloud-based HR and recruitment gateway that is simple, flexible and user friendly. Our aim at ZenHR Solutions is to simplify and streamline the Human Resources processes of our partners from Acquire to Retire.”

In addition to ZenHR HRMS, startups at BeyondCapital will receive complementary recruitment services from Akhtaboot – the career network as well as the opportunity to implement Career Connect – a Cloud-Based Recruitment Management Software Solution that powers their websites with a fully branded and customized careers section with the ability to post unlimited job vacancies while receiving job applications directly onto their websites.

For more information, please contact: sales@zenhr.com

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